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Post-Construction Services

After a construction project, the property can be dusty, dirty and otherwise messy. Post-construction cleaning tidies up the space to improve its appearance and leave clients with a positive impression of your business.

  • Dust the ceiling and walls

  • Clean baseboards, trim, door frames, window frames and windowsills

  • Wipe down any windows

  • Remove paint from hinges

  • Clean cabinet doors, shelves and drawers

  • Clean the countertop

  • Remove excess caulk

  • Vacuum dust off floor vents

  • Mop or vacuum the floor

  • Clean light fixtures

  • Clean blinds and shutters


Office Build  Services

Office and reception area:

  • Empty garbage bins and replace garbage bags

  • Vacuum covers and tangles.

  • Sweep or vacuum hard floor surfaces.

  • Dust furniture and office equipment, including work areas, seats, tables and computers.

  • Disinfect level surfaces with a soaked cloth.

  • Mop the hard floors with disinfectant cleaners.

  • Clean light changes and ways to eject fingerprints and different impressions.

  • Clean the glass windows and the entrances inside.

  • Clean surfaces and dividers.

Bathrooms or restrooms:

  • Refill paper towels, toilet paper and hand soap.

  • Disinfect toilets and urinals.

  • Clean mirrors, windows and glass.

  • Disinfect bathroom surfaces, including entry handles, and towel or hand dryer accessories.

  • Clean the divisions and eject the watermarks.

  • Mop tiles and flooring.

Kitchen or pantry:

  • Empty garbage bins and replace garbage bags.

  • Wipe down counters, sinks, tables and chairs.

  • Clean microwave oven, coffee makers and other kitchen appliances.

  • Refill kitchen towels, dish washing liquid and hand soap.

  • Mop kitchen floors.

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Commercial and Industrial building, remodeling & common debris removal. Commercial & Industrial Facilities.

- Professional Service
- Fast Response Time
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- Residential and Commercial Services



Corporate Cleaning Services

Commercial office cleaning checklist: Cubicles/offices

  • Dust shelves, cabinets, and other hard surfaces.

  • Empty trash receptacles, wipe them down, and replace liners.

  • Dust computer monitors and keyboards, as well as other computer equipment.

  • With disinfectant, wipe down the desk, phone, and chair arms (if applicable). Don’t forget to clean the phone earpieces!

  • Collect any office kitchenware (plates, utensils, mugs, etc.) and return to the kitchen.

  • If there are windows, dust window blinds/shades as well as the window sill.

  • Clean window glass and any other glass surfaces.

  • Vacuum or sweep and mop the floors.


Education Cleaning Services

Cleaning The Classroom

  • Make sure desks and cubbies are empty

  • Dust off tabletops and desks

  • Sweep the floors of trash

  • Clean the floors, by mopping and buffing (if hard floors)

  • Vacuum the floors (if carpet)

  • Erase dry erase boards and chalkboards and clean them with a cleaning solution

  • Empty trash cans and recycling bin

  • Place books backs on bookshelves

  • Disinfect surfaces frequently touched, like light switches and door knobs

Cleaning The Cafeteria, Halls, And Student Common Spaces

  • Pick up trash

  • Sweep up debris and vacuum, if carpeted

  • Clean and buff the floors, if they are hard floors

  • Clean the windows

  • Empty the trash cans and recycling bins

  • Disinfect places that people commonly touch, like doorknobs, light switches, keyboards, and more.

  • Dust hard surfaces

Cleaning School Restrooms

  • Clean all toilets with a disinfectant

  • Mop and sanitize the floors

  • Replace all toilet paper rolls

  • Empty and sanitize trash cans

  • Sanitizer surfaces commonly touched, like light switches, toilet flushers, hand dryers, etc.

  • Refill tampon dispensers

  • Clean and sanitize sinks and counters around sinks

  • Refill all soap dispensers

Clean The Teachers' Lounge

  • Clean and disinfect hard surfaces like desks and tables

  • Disinfect objects and surfaces shared and commonly touched, like telephones, light switches, remote controls, etc.

  • Vacuum and shake out soft surfaces like couches, armchairs, etc.

  • Empty recycling bins and trash cans.


Entertainment Venues Services

  • Restroom Cleanup—The most quickly soiled facilities for any event are easily the restrooms. They require janitorial service before, during and after the event to keep your patrons satisfied and facilities hygienic.

  • Floor Care— Most facilities are composed of spaces with different kinds of flooring. Some have carpet, others tile, some concrete or wood, and some even grass! An event cleaning service that can wax the tile, vacuum the carpet, wash down the concrete and pick up waste from the grass shows the adaptability necessary to address all your flooring needs.

  • Waste Management—Keeping areas inside and outside of your venue litter-free creates a professional and sanitary appearance for your venue. Emptying trashcans regularly, picking up litter and disposing of it are necessary waste

  • Seat Cleaning—For events with seating, a visitor’s seat for your event is probably where that visitor will be spending the majority of his or her time.

  • Special Areas Clean-up—VIP sections, offices and other official areas deserve the same attention as every other part of your venue.


Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean fryers

  • Brush/scour grills

  • Empty sanitizing bins

  • Sanitize meat/cheese slicers

  • Sweep and mop all floors 

  • Wipe down outside surfaces of ice machine

  • Clean grease traps

  • Clean hood filters 

  • Replace tin foil liners of grill and range

  • Empty all trash and recyclables

  • Wash floor mats

  • Empty and clean steam tables

  • Sanitize sinks, faucets, 

  • Dispose of grease and oil correctly



  • Clean ovens (per manufacturer’s instructions)

  • Empty, clean and sanitize reach in coolers, refrigerators

  • Clean coffee machines

  • Flush floor drains with drain cleaner

  • Wash walls


Dusting Consists

  • Dusting

  • Sweeping 

  • Mopping

  • Grout Cleaning Service 

  • Concrete Floor

  • Tile Floor

  • Hardwood floor 

  • Laminate Floor 

  • Vinyl Floor Cleaning


Fogger Disinfectant



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